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Life Under Construction was created to support, empower, and educate incarcerated, marginalized, racialized, and transitional women. No woman should be defined by the mistakes of their past. It is our belief that everyone deserves to lead a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. We are fully aware of the difficulty relating to reintegration back into their community, and society as a whole, after incarceration. Our foundation is created to assist women in providing that “second chance” without judgement that is needed.

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the high rates of incarceration in the United States, particularly for women. According to data from the Prison Policy Initiative, as of 2021, there are approximately 231,000 women incarcerated in the United States, representing approximately 7% of the total prison population. In California alone, there are over 12,000 women currently in state prisons, and an additional 5,000 women in local jails.

In addition to the challenges of serving time in prison, many incarcerated women also face significant obstacles when attempting to re enter society after their release. In fact, according to a recent report from the National Institute of Justice, women who have been incarcerated face higher rates of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness than their male counterparts upon release.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the difficulties that women face upon reentry. These can include limited access to education and job training programs while in prison, a lack of affordable housing options, and the stigma associated with having a criminal record.

Additionally, women who have been incarcerated often face additional challenges related to family reunification, as they may have lost custody of their children or have strained relationships with family members. There Is no help or guidance for these women. It is common that past behaviors like abuse, or mental health problems are the cause of incarceration in the first place.

Given these challenges, we understand the growing need for policies and programs that support women who are reentering society after incarceration. We offer access to education and job training programs, as well as initiatives aimed at promoting family reunification and addressing the unique needs of women who have been incarcerated. At Life Under Construction we take a holistic approach to reentry, we help to ensure that women who have been impacted by the criminal justice system are able to successfully reintegrate into their communities and build stable, fulfilling lives.