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Children with formerly incarcerated mothers face unique challenges and emotional traumas that can have long-lasting effects on their well-being. In order to support these children, Life Under Construction provides a variety of programs and services that address their needs and provide them with the support they require. Below are services and programs we have implemented to assist children in dealing with the impact of having a formerly incarcerated mother.

Counseling and Therapy Services:

Our professional counseling and therapy services help children address the emotional trauma and stress they experience due to their mother’s incarceration. We provide a safe and supportive environment where children can work through their feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Support Groups:

Our support groups provide a space for children to connect with others who have experienced similar situations. This support group offers a safe and supportive environment where children can share their experiences and emotions, learn from others, and feel a sense of belonging.

Educational and Academic Support:

Children of incarcerated parents may struggle with academic performance due to the stress and trauma of their situation. We provide educational support and tutoring to help them stay on track with their studies and improve their academic performance.

Mentoring Programs:

Our Mentoring programs provide children with positive role models who can guide them and provide emotional support. Mentors can help children build self-confidence, develop social skills, and learn new coping mechanisms.

Financial Assistance:

We Understand that families of incarcerated parents often face financial challenges, and children may need assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing, and school supplies. We are dedicated to using our resources to help provide financial assistance to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that children may be feeling.

Family Reunification Programs:

Helping incarcerated parents rebuild their relationships with their children is an important part of the healing process. Our family reunification programs provide support and resources to help parents and children reconnect and rebuild their relationships.

Community Outreach and Awareness:

Life Under Construction is committed to raising awareness about the issues facing children of incarcerated parents and promoting community involvement to reduce the stigma and isolation that these children may feel. Our community outreach efforts can include educational programs, public awareness campaigns, and advocacy work.


At Life Under Construction we acknowledge that children with formerly incarcerated mothers require specialized support and care to help them cope with their unique challenges. We will continue to provide counseling and therapy services, support groups, educational and academic support, mentoring programs, financial assistance, family reunification programs, and community outreach and awareness to assist these children in overcoming the effects of their mother’s incarceration.