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Mission Statement

Life Under Construction’s mission is to provide housing and transform the lives of Los Angeles women, men and children affected by domestic violence and incarceration. Led by the guiding principle that women and men of all races and cultures are to be treated with respect and dignity, Life Under Construction is dedicated to restoring balance and harmony through individual empowerment. Our plan is to provide holistic solutions of safe housing, critical services, and programs women, men and children will need to succeed on their own– so these families can regain their independence and their children can look forward to a brighter future.

Our Holistic Model

At Life Under Construction we support each woman and man to heal from past trauma, explore possibilities for the future, and connect him/her with the resources and opportunities to achieve her goals through a three-part strategy.

Step One

We RECOGNIZE and address significant barriers for the women and men we serve related to basic needs, physical health, trauma and mental health, legal issues, and relationship & community connections.

Step Two

We help women and men REVEAL and build resiliency through financial health by gaining living wage employment, job training, financial management education, and finding affordable, independent housing.

Step Three

We offer a safe environment to RECOVER and help maintain long-term stability by repairing past relationships with friends and family, building their support network, and cultivating their spiritual health.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to five values that guide our work and govern our actions.

  1. Empowerment – We believe in an inclusive environment where all people and ideas have value and are worthy of respect.
  2. Innovation – We believe that personal development stems from trying new things and value both success and failure as a key part of learning and growth.
  3. Collaboration – We believe there is more than one way to achieve a goal and that collaboration with people of diverse strengths, experiences and perspectives contributes to our success.
  4. Transparency – We believe that open and honest communication builds trust and that mutual and constructive feedback is a critical part of developing one’s self, community and team.
  5. Integrity – We believe consistency, intentionality and personal responsibility contribute to our personal and collective success.

Our Goals

  • To provide safe supportive housing for formerly incarcerated women, battered women, men and children.
  • To provide culturally sensitive non-biased services to women, men and children in need.
  • To work with our clients to help them break the cycle of incarceration and domestic violence which, if unchecked, is passed from one generation to the next.
  • To advocate for their legal, social service, housing needs and entitlements.
  • To provide direction, referral and support in efforts toward developing self-sufficient lifestyles and life skills.
  • To provide an environment for healing and growing for both mothers, fathers and children who have been victims of incarceration and domestic violence.
  • To provide opportunities for job training skills.
  • To provide opportunities for completing high school GED.
  • To provide counseling and workshops in developing positive productive attitudes, self-esteem, parenting skills, stress management, and improved communication skills.
  • To provide a cooperative environment for peaceful and supportive community living.
  • To provide assistance in finding transitional and permanent housing.
  • To provide outreach programs to address the problems of incarceration and domestic violence in the community.

Holistic Program

Life Under Construction’s program will take a holistic approach to working with women and men on their goals. We will start by assessing where they are in several key development areas. Together we will identify what each resident needs to overcome barriers, build resiliency, and maintain long-term stability—and we will walk with them along the way.

Case Management

Life Under Construction will offer each resident a chance to work with an on-site case manager—an experienced professional who is there to support, coach, and advocate for them. Case managers will also connect the residents with resources and opportunities to achieve their goals.

Employment Preparation

In our expensive Los Angeles area market, a minimum-wage worker cannot afford the average one-bedroom apartment. Life Under Construction’s program will focus on employment preparation for a living wage career ($22/hour). Our plan is to create a Learning & Opportunity Center to help develop or brush up on skills in computer use, interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, and communication. They will also be able to participate in job training courses or pursue higher education to prepare for their future—and a chance to break the cycle of incarceration and domestic violence for good.

Building a Community

Many women and men will come to Life Under Construction lacking a sense of connection. When you live in the community at Life Under Construction, they will build relationships with women and men who understand what it is like to experience and move past domestic violence and incarceration. They will also develop valuable life skills as they learn to get along with a diverse community. Our goal is to provide support and activities that foster growth, independence and eventually full participation in society

Residential Program

Life Under Construction’s residential program will give program participants the stability and time they need to heal, grow, and rebuild their life. At our residences, they will find safe housing, learning opportunities, employment preparation and guidance from care managers as the program participant works towards a living wage career and independent housing.

Time for Transition

We know it will take time for the resident to heal from trauma before they can get back on their feet and make permanent life changes. Life Under Construction’s program will give them the time and support to stabilize and rebuild their life.

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